Goba Angle House

That’s what I called this for some reason.  Shot this house on the way home one day.

Interesting house for modelling
Interesting house for modelling something different.

Then created a house loosely based on it in Blender.

Zombie builds house in the middle of service road at Mbezi.
Zombie builds house in the middle of service road at Mbezi.

The challenge for me was the angled roof, as I haven’t been satisfied with my results on those, and this time I tried out the Knife tool, and it came out pretty well.

I also used Aidy Burrows’ technique:  block out a rough shape, and then use a plane textured with a tiling texture and “wallpaper” it across the outside.  Then, just imported my pre-made windows, roofing and bits of wood.

This concocted image is just an experiment gone too far: ‘how would it look in a photo?  Oh, yeah, ok, then, the zombie shadows must go on the ground, too, oh, and this, that, oh, the lighting is backwards, oh well, who cares, it’s a test.’  It was fun, but as always I remind myself, the film will not finish itself while I fool around in Photoshop.


Author: NeyWarren

When creative hearts meet and fall in love, anything is possible! Neema is from Tanzania, Warren is from the USA (ne UK). They work together on all their projects, from screenwriting to directing, 3d modelling to post-production.

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