Goba Angle House

That’s what I called this for some reason.  Shot this house on the way home one day.

Interesting house for modelling
Interesting house for modelling something different.

Then created a house loosely based on it in Blender.

Zombie builds house in the middle of service road at Mbezi.
Zombie builds house in the middle of service road at Mbezi.

The challenge for me was the angled roof, as I haven’t been satisfied with my results on those, and this time I tried out the Knife tool, and it came out pretty well.

I also used Aidy Burrows’ technique:  block out a rough shape, and then use a plane textured with a tiling texture and “wallpaper” it across the outside.  Then, just imported my pre-made windows, roofing and bits of wood.

This concocted image is just an experiment gone too far: ‘how would it look in a photo?  Oh, yeah, ok, then, the zombie shadows must go on the ground, too, oh, and this, that, oh, the lighting is backwards, oh well, who cares, it’s a test.’  It was fun, but as always I remind myself, the film will not finish itself while I fool around in Photoshop.


A first post about 3d modelling: Mama’s shop

EvE: The will to live is set in an unspecified East African country, and since I live in one, specifically the lovely Tanzania, I use my surroundings for inspiration.  Here is a model of a common sight, the genge (gengay), small shops you find in neighborhoods.  Our version of the Kwikee Mart.

Here is the original,

Convenient neighborhood shop.
Convenient neighborhood shop.

and then the same pic with the model squeezed in for fun.

The shop you may see in our film.
The shop you may see in our film.

I do my modelling in Blender blender-socketand I set up this image in Photoshop.  Since this is my first post about modelling, I want to acknowledge my mentors,

Chris Plush and Aidy Burrows of CGMasters.

Get over there and learn some great stuff!
Get over there and learn some great stuff!

You can absolutely learn tons of stuff from the awesome free tutorials on the web.  But if you live in a place where your network (mtandao) is often slow or tricky, it is hard to learn from video tutorials, as it is tough to rewind, or the image quality is bad and you can’t see what buttons or keystrokes are being executed.  Thanks to my buddies Nick Reynolds and Mathieu Roy, I was able to procure Master It (blender of course) Vols 1 & 2 by Chris Plush and the Complete Environment and Animation Project by Aidy Burrows, of CGMASTERS. I learned so much from them, and continue to learn as I use them as a resource because I tend to forget the stuff I don’t use on a regular basis.  They also have a library of free tutorials which is how I first got to know them.

I also learned character rigging from Lee Salvemini and I will post about that later.  (hint: screencapture 90 mins of free tutorial in 5 min increments from Andrew Price’s Blender Guru website).

Blender is free and open source, (and a small download, too!) so it is a great way to get your feet wet.  I know it may look intimidating at first, and I actually started in the 3d tracker mode  with the awesome Sebastian Koenig, and his Track, Match, Blend tutorials so that I could learn to do Matchmoving, and once I got familiar and all friendly-like, I “EXPANDED MY HORIZONS”.

As you can see.


An example of animation using a reference shot

Adam runs, then turns toward Eve...
Adam runs, then turns toward Eve… (click HERE)
I run for the cause: Better Animations Now!  (donate today)
I run for the cause: Better Animations Now! (donate today)

Here is an example of using reference shots to help set up an animation.  They really help with pose and timing.  Then you can tweak and adjust to your needs, as well as set up the camera moves you may want, as in this example.  This is a simple GL render, from blender; these are fast renders that help you quickly see how your work is progressing.