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BIG NEWS!  Time to be a BIG TEASE!

I made a teaser for EvE as a showcase of the excitement which is being prepared for you.

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Here are some screenshots of the process of creating the trailer:

Editing, while Capt Road Rash looks on (his real name is Gore Boy)
Editing, while Capt Road Rash looks on (his real name is Gore Boy)
Titles created with Element 3d
Titles created with Element 3d
Compositing in After Effects
Compositing in After Effects
Making the mix
Making the audio mix

Eve is a spoiled and pampered teenager who depends on others for everything.

Can she change her ways when faced with the challenges of a zombie outbreak?

Find out in EvE: The will to live.  (coming… soonish).


EvE: The will to live is the first feature-length animation from Team NeyWarren.  The script was being written during the final months of 2014, and it was planned as a live action film.  However, our first animation short Kilimo 2 was accepted into several festivals,  and after our trip to the Luxor African Film Festival,  (Our Story LAFF 2015) Neema suggested we do it as an animation.

On April 14, 2015, Warren decided he might have the grit and gristle to make a feature-length animation and set to work adapting the script and undertaking a number of 3d modelling and animation tests.  Thereafter he began modelling, and was animating the first scenes by mid-July.

It is now a year and nine months gone by and we have 45 minutes of film roughed out.  We are now pushing hard to reach the end, after which we will go back in for a polish pass and to set up the lighting and face down the usual issues that will undoubtedly crop up.

This project is too much fun, and too much work, but it is very satisfying as proof of the value of grit and gristle, and not only for the care and nutrition of zombies.

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